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Design FAQ

Frequently asked questions about our design process.

How do you approach design?

Every project is unique, but we have a general plan to guide the process. Most importantly, we believe that form should follow function. We talk with you about what you're looking for in design and features. With a solid understanding of your requirements, we continue with some of your general design choices (preferred colors, any logos you may already have or images/styles you want to incorporate, etc.) and then start working on various mock-ups. The mock-ups won't be fully functional, but will demonstrate varying styles, concepts, and choices. From those, you can mix and match to make your own unique website. We can repeat this process to make sure you get more than you expected.

How do we work?

The design process is all about communication. Sure, we can send the designer off to do his own thing, but that's usually what he/she wants - we want to provide you with a design that YOU want. We know you're probably not a designer, so we have the designer work with you, allowing you to direct the creative process.

Will you work with outside design firms?

We've never had an issue working with outside design firms. We are happy to use existing logos, styles, colors, themes, etc. If you already have a site design mock-up created in a graphic editor (photoshop PSD files, etc), we can turn that into a function website. We understand that there are many firms with desirable styles, and instead of attempting (usually unsuccessfully) to copy their style, we'd rather work with them to provide you with the best end-product.

Please contact us today if you have a design question not answered here. Or if you have any questions at all. Thank you, BooyahMedia.com.



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