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  • CheatCodes
  • TeamSites.com
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Just a small sampling of our successful clients.

  • CheatCodes.com
    Finished on 12/18.2010   project: large-scale development, branding, advertising revenue

    After multiple redesigns over the past 10 years, the current design utilizes multiple features for increased pageviews/visit, easier navigation, optimum and efficient speed, and search engine optimization. We use cloud-based graphics and auxilliary files (javascript, css, etc.) through Amazon's CloudFront technology, unique content, sectional branding, and interactive features to make the site one of the best in a very competitive field.

    Backend development focused on organizing multi-gigabyte databases, migrating 1.4 million users, full administration and maintenance functionality, backups/restore features, content management, affiliate marketing, and data re-organization.

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  • TeamSites.com
    Ongoing development   project: content management, redesign of main site, branding, data management

    TeamSites is a custom built content management system based around team communication. We preformed market research to determine what coaches and parents, as well as amateur "webmasters" were looking for in a team website, and found that simple to use and update was the number one request. The site, currently in beta testing, was built using a simple WYSIWYG user interface makes updates quick and easy. We are currently working on adding a more contemporary site design for team pages.

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  • More Websites & Projects
    Previous developments    category: portfolio, full site development, backend development, site redesign, data restructuring.

    • BidNip.com - Initial development in 2003 and maintenance until 2008. Required multiple layers of custom development, configuration, and extremely high availability.
    • gamerID.com - Development in 2010 and currently maintaining. Integration of multiple data sources, access through multiple technologies (OpenID, OAuth), observing strict privacy policies, and organization of large databases.
    • TrackDiet.com - Streamlined and rapid development in 2009 (less than 1wk development time) and currently maintaining.
    • GameDetails.com - Development in 2010 and currently maintaining. Utilizing data from multiple data sources to create a unique website.
    • FerrariNM.com - Pro-bono Development in 2011 and currently maintaining. Small project for local car group.
    • Cancer Services of NM - Pro-bono Maintenance started in 2005 and currently maintaining. Completed site-wite redesign in 2011.


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