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All the ways BooyahMedia can help you.

So, what we can make for you?

Every project is unique, and we treat them that way. If you know exactly what you want, we can work with you to make it a reality. If you're not sure how to accomplish your vision, we can work with you to define it, then work with you to turn it into a fully functional website, application, or product. We don't want to make you just a website - we want to help make your business successful.

How we accomplish this depends on your requirements and resources. We're flexible and can work to find the best solution for you. For example, we can use open-source packages to minimize costs and reduce development times. And we'll make sure to customize each and every part to match your individual requirements. We've also been known to invest in projects that required more funding than available - that's the confidence we have in our abilities.

  • Web design

    Although generally considered the least "technical" part of a website, that idea couldn't be more wrong. Correct design should consist of form and function. If it's gorgeous, but doesn't get your visitors to do what you want, it's worthless. Design should focus on accomplishing your goals. We work with designers from around the world to make the world's best websites.

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  • Marketing

    Marketing is the process of getting your product (whatever it may be: goods, services, information, etc.) into the hands of the people that want it. Unlike other design studios, BooyahMedia is not just developers or designers; we are business people with marketing and selling experience. This can make all the difference.

  • Data Mgmt

    You save everything - or at least try to. And that's great, except for one big problem - what can you do with all that data? BooyahMedia can help you deal with all that inforamtion. After work with varied companies with similar issues, we can help you get a handle on all of your data. And then, make it useful.

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  • Support

    We provide world class support and website maintenance. We can help you update your site with new features, perform emergency changes, and help you fix any problems you find. We're here to help you be successful. You can contact us at any time using nearly any technology: phone, email, text message, web form, etc.

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How do we work?

It may seem cliche, but we use the time-tested method of Analyze, Design, Develop, Test, and Publish. This works well and is flexible enough to allow for variations in projects.

  • Analyze

    We work with you directly to determine your goals and project requirements.

  • Design

    We develop mock-ups and samples to help determine the layout and design.

  • Develop

    We make the approved mock-up functional and demonstrateable.

  • Test

    We review all requirements and test to verify your expectations are met or exceeded.

  • Publish

    We review everything, confirm with you, and publish your project!

How much is it going to cost?

Because every project is different, we don't publish prices directly on our website. After communicating with you (either through meetings, phone calls, or email), we can generally get a good idea of the scope and cost of your project. We can provide you a proposal or estimate, at no cost, to help you with your decision.

We're flexible in how we bill our clients as well. We have done, and can easily handle, project based fees with milestone completion, hourly rates with monthly billing, or even combinations. And, for the right opportunities, we are able to work on projects as part of an investment in the project. Pro-bono work may be available for non-profit organizations.

Please contact us today for your free no-pressure consultation.


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